Friday, June 9, 2017

Post 6: A band / singer I adore

I don’t really have only one favorite singer or band, but if I had to talk about one, I think, I’d choose U2, basically because they have remained popular through the years, being faithful to their own personal style. Well, since it is not my one and only favorite band, I’ve got no recollection of particular information about them. I know that they are Irish and that they started their musical career during the 80’s. I do remember the first U2 song I heard, it was ‘In the name of love’ which is a pretty good song, just like many of their songs. The only U2 album I didn’t like was ‘Zooropa’, the ones I liked the most were‘Achtung Baby’ and ‘Rattle and Hum’. I also like their humanitarian work and that they got involved into the political world. They have a voice in this society and they use it on behalf of those who are never heard. I think that being good in what you do in life is not enough – that’s like an expensive book nobody wants to read – but being a good person is more important. That’s why I like U2.

Now, what about you? Say.........
- Who your favorite singer or band is
- What you know about him/her/them
- What type of music they play
- Why you like this artist/band
- What your favorite song is. Why?
- Publish a picture or video

- Word Count: 160 words

- make 3 comments on your classmates’ posts.

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