Friday, April 27, 2018

Post 2: The best concert ever

What can I say? Every time someone asks me about the concerts I’ve seen, I can’t help remembering Robbie Williams’ concert in October 2006. It was held at Estadio Nacional. The funny thing is that I don’t know much about Robbie Williams…….well he’s British….and he was a member of a very famous boy band called ‘Take that’ during the 90’s. I wasn’t a ‘Take that’ fan then, but when Robbie Williams started to sing solo, I thought, ‘hey…., that’s nice’. I’ve always liked pop music, so probably that’s why I began to enjoy Mr. Williams’ music. I went to his concert with a group of work mates and we had a blast. The guy was a real entertainer. He even had the lyrics of one of his songs displayed on a big screen, so that people, who didn’t know his songs, could sing along. That was thoughtful. But I didn’t need lyrics on a screen to sing along. My friend Consuelo and me had prepared a repertoire of songs we wanted to sing along with our beloved pop star, and so we did. We sang at the top of our lungs. That is a good memory, mostly because my friend Consuelo passed away in 2010 due to a severe cancer. Now, every time I hear on the radio a Robbie Williams’ song I remember my friend Consuelo and the good time we had that day.

What about you? Is there any concert you can talk about?

- What was it?

- When did you go?

- Where was it?

- Why did you like it?

- Mention more details about it

- Publish a related picture or video

- Word Count: 170 words

- make 3 comments on your classmates’ posts.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Post 1: A Country I would like to visit

Oooh, l'amour.......Well, love is not what makes me want to go to France, but the feeling I lived there before, probably in a previous life (hahaha). The thing is that I have always had the desire to visit this country. I like the language (oui, oui), the literature, the architecture, the countryside. In other words I like everything about France and that's probably for no particular reason. It's just a hunch, something tells me that that's a place I should visit.......

 Now, write your own ideas, keeping in mind the following points

- Which country would you like to go to? Why?

- What do you know about it?

- What would you like to do there?

- Would you like to study/work/live there? Explain.

 - Make comments on 3 of your classmates’ posts

- Word Count: 160 words

Friday, April 6, 2018

Some Tips

Useful Connectors

But - pero
Yet – sin embargo
However, - sin embargo
Nevertheless,/Nonetheless, - sin embargo
While / whereas – mientras…
Although/Though - aunque
Despite / in spite of – a pesar de
On the one hand,- por un lado
On the other hand, - por otro lado

So that – así que
Because - porque
Since – ya que
As - como
So as to + verbo infinitivo - para
In order to + verbo infinitivo - para
Because of + sustantivo – a causa de
Due to + sustantivo – debido a

At first /first/ fisrt of all - primero
To begin with – para empezar
At the beginning of – al principio de
in the beginning – al principio
Second / secondly - segundo
Then - luego
Later, - más tarde
After that,/Afterwards, - después,
Before that, - antes,
Eventually / finally - finalmente
In the end, - al final

Adding information:
Besides, - Además
Furthermore, - es más,
In addition, - además,
Moreover, - es más,
What is more, - es más,

Giving examples:
For example, - por ejemplo
For instance, - por ejemplo
Such as – como…
Like – como…

Time clauses:
As soon as… - tan pronto como
When - cuando
By the time - cuando
Suddenly, / All of a sudden, - de repente

In my opinion, - en mi opinión
I agree…- estoy de acuerdo
I disagree…- estoy en desacuerdo
I think - creo
From my point of view, desde mi punto de vista
As far as I’m concern, en mi opinión

To sum up, - en conclusión,
In conclusion, - en conclusión
In summary, - en resumen,
All in all, / on the whole, - en conjunto,

Also, it is very important to remind you that..........
1.-we use  to look for words

2.-the use of google traductor or any other traductor is completely forbidden


Dear Students

Welcome to the Blogging experience in English. I hope you enjoy this exercise. The point is that you develop your writing abilities, increase your vocabulary, improve your grammar and most of all, have fun writing in English.