Friday, August 17, 2018

Post 9: Changes to my study programme

When I was an English teaching training student at university, I never questioned the study programme of my career, but now, after years of experience, I have thought about all the things that could have been better. To begin with, I think that there should be more training in real classrooms. The professional practice should be done after one has lived what being a teacher means and that can only be achieved by experiencing the teaching environment. Moreover, professors teach excellent methods to improve the teaching but they seldom use them. The best way to teach is by being an example. I would also like that all the English teaching training students had the chance to do one term abroad, so that they can improve their language skills and what’s more important acquire and understand the English culture, because a language is more than using different words to say something……..

Write about some changes that could be made to your study programme (career)
Among others, think about:

 -The curriculum (the subjects you have to study)
 -Workload and length of studies
 -Faculty facilities (buildings and infrastructure)
 -Use of technology
 -Teaching methods

- Word Count: 250

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Friday, July 27, 2018

Post 7: Someone I'd like to meet

Through out all our lives we meet different kinds of people. Some of them we like, and some others we wished they had never got into our lives. Some turned up being our closest and dearest friends and some others remain just as acquaintances. But there is also a group of people that we will never get to meet but we would love to have the chance to talk to. People who fall into this category may be famous, extremely gorgeous, incredibly talented, etc.

In my case, there are a few people I would like to meet; one of these people is Antonio Banderas. The reason is because I think he is an extremely “down to earth” person. I believe that despite the fact that he has reached certain kind of fame, and has been able to accomplish a lot of things in his life, he doesn’t seem to feel he is above the rest of people. For someone who has worked in Hollywood, that is a very remarkable characteristic. So I’d like to meet Mister Banderas because he seems to be a nice person.
Another person I’d love to meet is Josh Bernstein. He is an American anthropologist who had a TV show on History Channel some years ago, which is where I learned about his existance.

His show was on very late at night. I remember that I used to stay awake just to watch it. Then he did his TV programme for Discovery channel and lately his show is back on History channel. Mister Bernstein is very cute, but that’s not the reason I’d like to meet him. I think he is the perfect combination. He is intelligent, entertaining, adventurous and a talented TV host. His show is awesome – Digging for the truth; it is like watching ‘Indiana Jones’ in real life. I know that he doesn’t like to be compared with this movie character, but one just can’t help seeing the similarity (Did I mention that I’m a big fan of Harrison Ford?). Well, I believe that meeting Josh Bernstein would be a really interesting experience, considering all the stories he has to tell, plenty of adventures, exotic places and very interesting people. I know he was once in the south of Chile shooting one episode of his show (which I watched, of course). The guy has gone into deep caves, dived into the oceans, climbed mountains, flown over terrific landscapes, and all the things one just dream of doing.

Now, here is your chance to say who you would love to meet and maybe, just maybe, you get lucky enough and that person gets in touch with you.

Who that person is
What characteristics this person has (personality, job, nationality, etc.)
What you admire the most about this person
What accomplishments this person has achieved
Mention any other relevant information

Word Count: 230 words
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Friday, July 20, 2018

Post 6: Postgraduate Studies

When I was a university student I always wanted to keep studying. Unfortunately I never had the money to do that. In fact I could barely pay my university fees of the ‘credito universitario’ I had received to get my first university degree. In addition, in those days (a long time ago) getting a scholarship was a matter of having strings to pull or not. If you were just a nobody with no influential friends, your chances were pretty much reduced to zero. My dream was to do a Master in English literature, ever since I can recall, literature was a fascinating subject for me. Having an excellent literature teacher at university made me wanted it even more. I could see myself at Oxford university giving a lecture on some famous writers or books. It probably doesn’t feel interesting for most people but for me, it is totally captivating. My plan was to teach in both Chile and England and probably do some courses in the States……..

Write about a postgraduate course that you would consider taking in the future.


- Reasons to do the course

- Subject(s) you would like to study

- Where you would like to study (Chile or abroad)

- How you would like to study (distance learning, blended system, part-time course, etc)

- Any other relevant ideas

 - Make comments on 3 of your classmates’ posts + a comment on your teacher's post.

- Word Count: 220 words

Friday, July 13, 2018

Post 5: My Future Job

I'm pretty sure I have the job I wanted when I was studying at university. I always wanted to teach in a university, because I thought (and still do) that I needed something that was a challenge for me. There are certain people who like the comfortable zone, I'm not that kind of person. I don't mean I like to live in danger or stressed all the time, what I mean is that to teach in a university, you have to keep improving your methods of teaching, increasing your vocabulary, finding better ways to explain your students some grammar point and plenty of other things that help you working to become a better professional. Besides I would really die of boredom if I had to stay in an office all the time. Moreover, considering my little bit of autistic nature, the best thing I can do is to force myself to interact with people and I couldn't imagine a better way than sharing my knowledge with others.........

- What kind of job would you like to have? How do you imagine it?

- Outdoors / indoors?

- Would you like to travel a lot in your job?

- In an office?

- What major are you studying / are you thinking of taking? Explain Why.

- Add any other related ideas

- Make comments on 3 of your classmates' posts + a comment on your teacher's post

- Word Count: 210 words

Friday, July 6, 2018

Post 3: My Favorite TV show

I don’t really watch TV that much. I have never had the patience to watch a TV series or a soap opera every day or week, but during the 90’s I got addicted to an American sit-com called Seinfeld. What made me watch this sit-com was that it was different from anything I had watched on TV before. To begin with, the show was about nothing or about any stupid circumstance that happens on a day. The characters were four friends. The main character was Seinfeld who played himself as a minor celeb stand-up comedian, George Costanza who was Seinfeld’s best friend, Elaine Benes who was Seinfeld’s former girlfriend and later close friend, and Cosmo Kramer who was Seinfeld’s, across the hall, neighbor, and a series of acquaintances and Seinfeld’s relatives who appeared on the show from time to time.

Each episode was a complete nonsense, a trivial thing which was wittily told. The scripts were really hilarious and original, as for example, there was one episode about Seinfeld’s girlfriend having man hands, another one was about Kramer having a hot tub in his apartment and one of my favorite ones which was about the nazi soup. In this episode an Argentinian cook opened a shop where he sold extremely delicious soups. The problem was that whoever wanted to buy a bowl of soup had to follow a very strict protocol. Seinfeld and his friends were banned from the shop because they broke the protocol and they tried to do whatever possible to get a bowl of soup. The situation was really absurd and extremely hilarious……….

Now you say………

- What your favorite TV program is

- What it is about

- Who the characters are

- Which your favorite episode is

- Why you like watching it

Word Count: 180 words

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Friday, April 6, 2018

Some Tips

Useful Connectors

But - pero
Yet – sin embargo
However, - sin embargo
Nevertheless,/Nonetheless, - sin embargo
While / whereas – mientras…
Although/Though - aunque
Despite / in spite of – a pesar de
On the one hand,- por un lado
On the other hand, - por otro lado

So that – así que
Because - porque
Since – ya que
As - como
So as to + verbo infinitivo - para
In order to + verbo infinitivo - para
Because of + sustantivo – a causa de
Due to + sustantivo – debido a

At first /first/ fisrt of all - primero
To begin with – para empezar
At the beginning of – al principio de
in the beginning – al principio
Second / secondly - segundo
Then - luego
Later, - más tarde
After that,/Afterwards, - después,
Before that, - antes,
Eventually / finally - finalmente
In the end, - al final

Adding information:
Besides, - Además
Furthermore, - es más,
In addition, - además,
Moreover, - es más,
What is more, - es más,

Giving examples:
For example, - por ejemplo
For instance, - por ejemplo
Such as – como…
Like – como…

Time clauses:
As soon as… - tan pronto como
When - cuando
By the time - cuando
Suddenly, / All of a sudden, - de repente

In my opinion, - en mi opinión
I agree…- estoy de acuerdo
I disagree…- estoy en desacuerdo
I think - creo
From my point of view, desde mi punto de vista
As far as I’m concern, en mi opinión

To sum up, - en conclusión,
In conclusion, - en conclusión
In summary, - en resumen,
All in all, / on the whole, - en conjunto,

Also, it is very important to remind you that..........
1.-we use  to look for words

2.-the use of google traductor or any other traductor is completely forbidden


Dear Students

Welcome to the Blogging experience in English. I hope you enjoy this exercise. The point is that you develop your writing abilities, increase your vocabulary, improve your grammar and most of all, have fun writing in English.